A Chanel Reincarnation

Everybody was reincarnated last night when Karl Lagerfeld dropped a bomb on us with the Chanel short film telling us the story behind the iconic tweed jacket. feat Pharrell and Model Cara Delevingne.

As Revolt TV Writes.

The mini fairy tale movie “Reincarnation” has finally arrived…and it’s pretty incredible. Directed by Karl Lagerfeld, the story behind Chanel’s signature tweed jacket comes to life in an enchanting creation. Inspired during a 1954 vacation in Salzurg, Austria, legend has it a bell boy (played by Pharrell) wearing an exquisite jacket caught the attention of Chanel and ultimately influenced the design of the iconic coat. 

Later in the scene, Delevigne who plays a moody waitress—joins Pharrell’s character for a brilliantly bizarre dance sequence. The two exchange plenty of chemistry, as they share a dreamy sing-along to Pharrell’s tune, “CC the World,” which he composed and scored for the short. The clip end, when Pharrell awakes from the dream and is greeted by Ms. Chanel, who inquires about his one-of-a-kind jacket.

“Reincarnation” will officially debut at Chanel’s Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Métiers d’art show this Tuesday. 

Watch the first look of the seven minute-long film in full below.


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