Don’t Overstep Your Literal Boundaries.

It’s amazing how quickly someone can be proud of your accomplishments in life, and just as much as they are “proud of you” they are steadily lurking in the shadows just waiting on the moment when they can come and take it all. Today, was an interesting day. I have an amazing circle of friends, and people in which I am connected to.

Just as quickly as you get it – it can be all gone. Some people crave attention and some people just want to be seen, and have that notoriety.

A friend of mine was kind enough to take me under his wing, when he noticed that I had a great eye for styling, and putting looks together quickly. So, today a stylist assistant came to pull in the showroom, and was talking to him briefly and soon as he mentioned he made something custom for Rihanna and Katy Perry. She was so quick to say -“If you need an assistant,” However, he already knew my abilities. He knew what I was capable of – and while I was working on putting a look together for him, he had politely told her that that’s already taken care of; and if anything falls through then…

“To whom much is given much is required”..

And it was in that moment and in that instance I knew I had earned his respect. Don’t overstep your literal boundaries.



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