The Lady Bug

As much as I wanted to post all weekend. I really struggled. I caught a cold from somebody or somewhere and I got really sick as I knew I would. I’m one of those people that hardly gets sick, and when I do. I cough up a lung or two.

Plus, it’s the first time me getting sick away from my parents. I had to put on my big girl bloomers, and really pull it together. I was a huge mess. You guys don’t even want know what I sounded like. (If you can only me at the age of 4 calling my grandma & scaring her when I was sick – this was just as worst.)

As much as I wanted to stay and lay in the bed all day, and not do anything I went to the doctors looking Fashionable as ever layered up with a small fever. They gave me some meds and long story short I’m knocking this cold out like fight night. YAY!

– xo

Stay Beautiful People


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