Fashion, Friends, and Friendship

images (1)It’s a new year, and of course what does every person day?”

“New year, New me”

Well for the most part, I have remained the same; I have continued to grow and instilled things I’ve learned over the course of last year, which have seem to be working for me. Continuously cutting off people that have handed themselves scissors and building new friendships with people that can help, build me, and mold me into the person that I am trying to be.

“Great Minds Think Alike.”


Sometime a great friendship can blossom out of simple commonalities or just a mutual respect for one another. I recently, met this guy at a Fashion networking event, and without not even knowing it we started communicating and we kept running into each other and before I realized it was like a game of Chess.

We began to exchange thoughts about not only fashion but life experiences and love as well. It was like who was gonna make the next move, and when you do you better come correct  or c h e c k m a t e.

Sometimes, you have to always have to think before you speak. Think before you start to entertain small minds, because people love to get reactions and never let your appearance dictate how you feel. (never look like your situation) Because someone is always watching.

– xo

Stay Beautiful Lovelies


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