Bend but Don’t Break.


The past month in a half has been some of the hardest days in my life. For a couple of reasons;

1) I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted too.

2) I felt like I sold myself short on several opportunities

3) It was great time for self reflection on what I could do better for this year.

It’s even harder when your best friend situation is worse than yours. “If a person can have your heart then they can truly have your back.” Because at the end of the day, it really showed me who was there when things got rough; when all the glitz and glam / lights & cameras turned off. It’s so many days when people want to show up after you’ve put in all the work- but they don’t want to go through the struggle with you. It was so many days I struggled, and I wanted to give up. However, I had an end goal in mind of who I was going it for. My parents and My unborn kids. I wanted to keep making them proud eventhough I know they are proud of me already.

And even though I work in fashion and I love it to pieces it can take a toll on you if you don’t grab it by the reigns. Promise me one thing; when you experience life bend but don’t break.

stay beautiful people



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