What Happens When You Lose Inspiration?

What happens when you loose inspiration? When you lose that getty-up that you once had to go after everything you once wanted in life? Maybe you start to lose yourself in a career that you hate — or you’re surrounded by chaos and everything seems like it’s going south? Sometimes when you don’t love yourself the emptiness you start to feel starts to overwhelms you.

Honestly, I don’t know. Me and a good friend was talking about this yesterday, because I stopped posted as much as I used too and often times when I post I don’t like to forcefully write my post. I like to genuinely write my post, and make sure they make since to all my readers and my audience so everyone can relate. Cause this is Real Life Ishhh Real Situations.

So I like to share a couple of Bullet Points

  • When you don’t feel like you’re in charge of where your life is going; Right now you’re are being prepared to where you’re destine to be.
  • The rain falls on the just of the unjust. Living this life isn’t easy, You have to have courage, persistent and inspiration. And there are some moments you have to figure out who you really are? There are some moments that I feel like I my knees can’t handle what you put on my shoulders my God. (Praying Metaphor)
  •  Until We get to a place we desire, we will never be in a place or see things we desire. Alot of times we like to put on a front.

I recently took a break from the fashion world to focus more on myself, it was starting to become A LOT and things weren’t being reciprocated. No matter how hard I worked.

  • When you know who you are, you know where you fit and you know where you don’t fit.
  • Where you know where and how you function – you know how you and what circumstance you are destined to function in.
  • Never allow the haters to steal your shine, the same way a nat comes around you and tries to steal your light

– xo

Stay Beautiful People


2 thoughts on “What Happens When You Lose Inspiration?

  1. I’m glad you were able to write a post on motivation. Keep writing and doing what you love. Once you do find what motivates and inspires you, the world is yours.

    David R


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