SJP Taught Me.

If I could buy a shirt it would say Yeezy SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) taught me, that is if you aren’t good with initials. I mean who doesn’t love the always fabulous SJP?

From her Manolo Blahniks, fabulous wardrobe that we all want – to her always evolving romance with Big and who could possibly forget that Wedding Dress photoshoot to die for during that Sex in the City 2 The Movie? I mean when he stood her up at the altar, and the phone was in Lily’s cupcake purse — I lost it. I still watch that movie like it’s my first time seeing it. To me, it’s just one of those movies.

So here are some things that SJP Taught Me. 

  1. There are sitting shoes and there are standing shoes, never stand in your sitting pretty shoes.
  2. Never sacrifice a years of friendship for your “BIG.”
  3. Sometimes you have to take time to see past your imperfections to get out of your own way.
  4. It’s okay to be a hopeless romantic – but it comes a time when you have to let that one ex go.
  5. You can never have too many clothes, but it’s okay to clean your closet out every now and again.

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