Poetic Justice | Day 4

Have you ever known someone that was adopted and tried to over compensate for the void that they were missing in their life? Whether they lived in group homes, foster homes, or found love in a hopeless place?

I wrote this poem about three years ago, and while sitting in the airport just now I added more to lines to it. Although, I’m not adopted I know and have known many people throughout the years who were and it inspired me to write this masterpiece.

Poem | Day 4
Title Adopted

Four score 20 years ago,
Abandoned at the crossroads of no hope & deferred dreams lane,
Digging into the deepest darkest part of my past,
Just to find out
You injected raging waters into vains that you raft like white waters,
Giving birth to a nation then dumped me like angel dust.
Fleeing like immigrants across the Mexican boarder —
Teenage confusion like a kid with dyslexica – because nothing makes sense anymore.
But why did you have to give me up?

Stay Beautiful People.


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