Herb Growing 101

So, if you guys have been following my blog – then you know aside from me doing fashion post; I also post about the things that I eat. I don’t know if I have written a post about it but I’m Pescetarian or modified Pescetarian as I like to call it.

This evening I went grocery shopping and as I was picking out some M I N T for a recipe that I’m still working on to perfect. (I find myself eating it more these days) I noticed that it was cheaper to purchase live mint (as a plant) than to buy it by the bunch.

Price for the Live Mint $2.99
Price for the Mint by the Bunch $1.99

And in my perspective you get to grow as much as you want, and you can have endless mint. All you have to do is water it! Just check your local grocery stores for the prices.

Check out my Mint Plant –





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