The Talented SIA Covers Interview Magazine |She Talks Career, Privacy & Wigs

The singer says she decided to make herself “just a blond bob” in the way that Amy Winehouse was recognized for her bouffant. She says, “I’m just trying to work out a way to be a singer and to create cool content. I’m willing to do that as an entertainer. But I’m not willing to give up my actual self.” – Interview Magazine




Sia reveals that while she hides her face as a means to “have some control over my image,” it’s also a fun game for me as well.” She also hopes her life as an “inanimate blond bob” will help extend her career in the image-centric pop industry. She says allowing other people—like Kristen, Lena Dunham, and Maddie Ziegler—to play the part of the pop star will, hopefully, allow for “a little bit more freedom in terms of my expiration date.” 

Sia_x_Interview_Magazine-ShockBlast-2 sia-interview-2-1427727179 sia-interview-3-1427727181 tumblr_nmbq6lhUss1rrns0oo1_1280


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