Day 10 (so … I think)

… have you ever been friendzoned? Nah, like really friendzoned to the point where you used to put on all your fly shit when this particular person used to come around or you just got really nervous? I particularly one time in college when I was a freshman (oh I forget how naive we as freshman can be) I seen what kind of girls this guy in particular liked or fell for – mind you they all wore make- up. So, what did I do? I went to the store and brought me some mascara. Next day, I seen him in class he said “what’s up?” fist bumped me and kept it moving. Lmao – Still to this day, I can’t believe it.

Poetic Justice | Day 10

Poem | Day 10

here’s an excerpt called ” Showgirl “

“…you ain’t want no homegirl,

you wanted a 5 plus 5,

certified no preowned,

top of the line,

no left behind,

When I get that feelin’


but thanks for making me your homegirl…. ” 

I can’t believe I purchased makeup to impress a guy that wasn’t interested in me. Ladies, you live and you learn

– XO

Stay Beautiful


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