Have you ever been the recipient of a layover? No, I’m not talking flights. I’m talking in the sense of a relationship? Like baggage – You’ve been dating someone with trust issues or communication issues as a result of somebody elses fuck up?

Like the signs weren’t there at first, but as you guys start to get closer the issues start to surface.

Well, I know this all too well – I was practically on the brink of falling in love with someone who wasn’t capable of loving me the way I needed to be loved. He feared being loved. If he felt like anyone was getting close, he pushed them away and put up a wall high as the rockies. Me I know my worth, I wasn’t having it.

Poem | Day 12

here’s an excerpt from a poem I wrote titled September 9th.

Sept. 9 

” he said he’ll never trust another,

and he’ll never recover 

he’d been shot down,

open heart surgery performed like operation, 

’cause if he can’t have her body …

he doesn’t want nobody ..”


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