Ever liked anyone that you felt… Well was out of your league?

Have you ever liked anyone that you felt was out of your league? Because of your current circumstances?

Well, I’m currently in the midst of applying to grad school, and I work as a cashier (because it’s flexible) for the past couple of years I grew into becoming, and into loving myself more each day.

“Because people compare by default, and it’s not your fault.”
– TKaye of Hint of Fabulousity

Eventhough I haven’t always had the highest self esteem, or self confidence one thing was for sure – I knew I was loved. While working as a cashier, I come in counter with a lot of people from all walks of life. And I feel like sometimes some not all are way out of my league for plenty of reasons. Even if I had a the chance to talk to them.

Here’s a Couple of Reasons Why –

1) No One with a career (or a 9-5) wants to date a cashier when their perception of you is that you don’t have anything to bring to the table or any stability.

2) they don’t give you a chance to let them know what to could potentially bring to the table.

3) They treat you like a charity case.

I respect those who are cashiers for a living, however, it’s not what I aspire to be for the rest of my life. ‘Cause I know it’s much more to life that just working at a restaurant and serving people food.


Stay Beautiful People.


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