Keep Your Heels High & Your Standards Even Higher

– Coco Chanel

That is the one of the most relatable quotes when it comes to my dating life. I don’t have this long list of things that I look for in a man. However, I still believe chivalry exist. Growing up with both parents, and grandparents I’ve had great examples of what love is suppose to look like. So when it comes to me casually dating. I am very picky. Most importantly, the guy has to know how to surprise me and be a gentleman in all aspects of the word.

Side Note: I decided to write this post because I’ve been approached to go on more dates most recently than I have in a while. And while some of them aren’t my type and I don’t see any potential with them and some I do. I just thought I would write what was on my mind. Here goes nothing. lol

I love for a man to take chargewell, let me explain what I mean. If he ask me to dinner. I expect him to make the dinner plans, and for him to let me know what attire to wear for dinner.

Here are some characteristics  I love and want in a future helpmate/ purpose mate. I’ll list a couple.

  1. Financially Secure.
  2. Spiritually Grounded.
  3. Family Oriented.
  4. Supportive in Me Following Dreams and Goals.
  5. Romances Me and Knows how to surprise me ( this isn’t far fetched; but when I come home from work walk through the door to a trail of rose petals and candles to a box on the bed saying “take a bath and put this on” and meet me here at 8:30 at some elegant restaurant with dim lighting.) 
  6. Doesn’t Smoke.
  7. Taller than me in my high heels (I’m 5’2 and so being short I love to look up at you)
  8. Interested in My Interest. (Eventhough, we may work in different fields or whatever, and acquire different interest over a period of time. I just want you to be interested and care genuinely about the weird hobbies or things I have going on in my life.)
  9. Loves to Travel
  10. Open Minded (‘Cause I love to dance and stop drop and twerk.. and two step)

Personally, I just think it comes from being accustomed to a certain type of dating. Certain type of love, and know what you’re worth and refusing to settle for less.


Stay Beautiful People.


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