What Happens When You Think You’ve Got The Relationship Thing All Figured Out?


I’ve been writing a lot more lately, and more so because I plan on releasing a book soon. Yay! (I can’t wait to share more details with you guys!) However, What happens when you go on several dates and you think you’ve got the relationship aspect of things figured all out? But as things progress they don’t play out as you expect them to be – and based off of your late night conversations and in- depth discussions you’ve built the man (or woman) of your dreams only to get left hanging in the midnight hour when you need them the most. Like when dust meets dawn.

Idk, I’m an honest person and quite frankly I have a tendency of being a little too blunt at times, and that’s something I’m honestly working on. We’re all perfectly imperfect individuals flaws and all. However, over the past month I have learned more myself talking to someone “in an attempt” to get to know them better. (the worst phase of dating, if you ask anyone)

Here’s what I learned.

  1. Just because you’re seeking validation don’t get too comfortable and settle for the first person that pays you attention
  2. Sometimes you can give all you have to give, and someone still won’t be content.
  3. Your Singleness is a time for you to FOCUS on YOU and a time for growth.
  4. Take into consideration the others person’s feelings more.
  5. Listen.
  6. Compromise.
  7. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others  – YOU are on your own journey to greatness.
  8. Act Without Expectations, because if you set them too high you’ll end up letting yourself down in the end
  9. But NEVER Lower your standards and settle for less

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