Today’s Workout / My Post Workout Exfoliator

Today, I worked out in my backyard by my pool. And I did squat repetitions.


By the time I got done with my breakfast and running errands, the temperature was rising and boy was it starting to get warm outside! Luckily, I had those pool umbrellas to keep me cool.

Some of the equipment I worked with today.
1) An Old Outdoor Yoga Mat
2) a weight (I used 10lbs)
3) jump rope for some cardio
4) resistance band

While working out outside I like to workout barefoot especially when I warm – up and especially when I mediate. It isn’t something I would recommend if you’re working out on concrete.



And who isn’t all sweaty after a good workout? I know I was! I used this Moroccan Mud Clay Full Body Scrub to shower , deep cleanse, sooth my skin and glow.

And I can honestly say I can tell the before and after difference. 😊
It’s great for the fall! (



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