Having A Girls Night or  movie night soon here are some of my favorite movies to watch ! Below I’ve created a list.


Hello Beautiful People!

I love movies that you can watch over and over again like Mean Girls and Dreamgirls. Especially, when they get you all in your feelings or you just need a pick me up. Or you and your friends can relate to each character in the movie like Sex and The City. So, grab your gal pals, your favorite finger foods, popcorn or your ice cream and as I list some of my favorite movies past and present.

here are 17 of my all time favorite chick flicks 

  1. Sex and The City – No words needed this movie is just a pure classic.
  2. Mean Girls
  3. Dream Girls – The sing -a-longs are just great.
  4. The Notebook – The passionate kiss in the rain; I’ve always wanted to kiss someone in the rain every since I was in high school – but I don’t like getting my hair wet.
  5. Pretty Woman – Every Woman wants to be rescued at the end like how Richard Gear swept Julia Roberts off her feet.
  6. Beyond the Lights
  7. The Devil Wears Prada – Omg, I wish someone would treat me like crap, like Miranda Prisley did her in this movie.
  8. Something New
  9. Miss Congeniality
  10. The Perfect Holiday
  11. Valentine’s Day – This movie is perfect because it’s one you can watch over, and over again. Plus, it’s a character in this movie that’ll fit you and your girl pals. Moreover, this movie will pull on your heartstrings.
  12. 27 Dresses –
  13. The Ugly Truth – I wish someone would put a vibrator in my underwear at a business or family dinner. I would be highly pissed.
  14. The Boss
  15. Anne (The Recent Version)
  16. Dope – This movie is very relatable to everyone because we all know someone or know of someone who has been in this situation of circumstance.
  17. Save the Last Dance – This movie is just a pure classic and even though it came out over 15 years ago. It continues to pull on my heart strings and goes to show that nobody can come between your love – especially if it’s meant to be.



2 thoughts on “Having A Girls Night? Here Are Some of My Favorite To Watch !

  1. You must be younger than 22. Everyone woman I know would have Dirty Dancing on that list. Nobody puts Baby in a Corner!!!!! Speaking of which, I might have to review it now on my movie blog lol.


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