Well, Here’s What I Learned

1.“the you are where you need to be mantra.”

is totally bullshit. — Especially when it’s coming from condescending people. I lived in California where people eat, sleep, and breathe yoga & pilates. They made you feel welcomed, and showed you different variations and pushed you until you were sore and genuinely cared. Especially, when applying it to life, never settle for less — never stop stretching yourself and challenging yourself in all areas of your life. You are only where you need to be if you choose to be.

2. Get out of there if you see that there is no room for growth. —

for as long as I attended those classes & did the YFT we kept doing the same sequences and the teacher would get annoyed if anyone in the class played with variations. I mean what if I wanted to play around with my pigeon or handstand variation? I’d be SOL.

3. How much we subsciously forget to breathe through your nose. —

 breathe. shake. stretch. let it go.




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