I’m writing my bucket list of things I want to accomplish by the end of this year, and I want to share some of them with you!

  1. Become a Lifestyle, Travel, Fashion Blogger Affiliate 
  2. Run a Successful Business (see more profits) (✔️) 
  3. Live what I love 
  4. Learn how to swim (✔️) 
  5. Fall In Love
  6. Travel More
  7. Move back to California 
  8. Be bicoastal 
  9. Pay off my student loans (41,000$)
  10. Pay off my credit card (1,300$) – I’m super close.
  11. Zipline In a Rain Forest
  12. Work on toward getting my Master’s Degree
  13. Spend my 26th birthday out of the country. (Preferably London, Italy or the UAE, or somewhere warm where I can wear a bikini in the winter) 
  14. Cut My Hair (✔️)
  15. Practice Yoga More Often (✔️)
  16. Self-Publish my first children’s book
  17. Do More Poetry
  18. Blog More (✔️) – working on it
  19. Read More
  20. Cliff Dive in Negril, Jamaica
  21. Walk the Great Wall
  22. Visit Tokyo and learn how to Sword fight 
  23. Visit China and learn some karate

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