So, Why Are You Single?  Is a very often intimidating question on a first date. Especially, depending on how long you’ve been out of the dating game or how often you date – or all considering what type of dater you are.



Over a period of time I think my norm had become num because I had developed the same routine. I had built emotional walls like Berlin to keep anyone I dated from hurting me. I had found myself having “Coming to Jesus” meetings trying to figure out why I had been stood up, pushed aside, and why I wasn’t good enough or was always someone’s wing girl. I was emotionally exhausted. I took a break and stop dating for a while.



Let’s just face the facts. So why are you STILL single? lol, I hear it all the time – You’re too picky. You’re too mean. You’re too standards are too high. NO THERE NOT. If he did it for Mariah Carey, and Oprah – hell, if he did for Justin Timberlake and Prince William. I’m pretty sure it can happen for me too!

I mean being single does have it’s perks – meanwhile, after while it does get old after awhile. I’ve just come to the term that I’ve refuse to settle for less than anything less than I deserve (and at age 25 – it’s still so many fish in the sea; like money waiting to be made) and a lot of men can’t appreciate the type of level of love and aren’t open to the level of queendom that I have to give.

And if you really want to know why I’m single it’s probably because your conversation sucked. Let’s talk goals, purpose and where you plan to see yourself short term and long-term. Literature. Real World Issues. You know the good stuff.

And plus, I’ve come to realize dating allows you to see things from a different perspective.

Sidenote: A Note to My Fellow Beauties,
Don’t be fooled by job titles, location or residency zip codes. When I lived in Los Angeles, CA I dated a guy that resembled Brian White (actor) worked on Rodeo Drive and he lived in Beverly Hills. The place he worked was beyond gorgeous so was his home. However, his priorities were backwards he didn’t a car, license suspended and could barely make his rent every month wanted to uber every where he went or walk. It got old the second time he suggested “let’s catch a uber!” and guess what I did? especially by him being 7+ years my senior.



– -peace. love and light

Don’t forget to hug somebody today.



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