I just don’t understand some people. They ask for your help – but act all hateful and boastful like they don’t really need you. When truth is they really need you. What I don’t get is why you ask for my help – if you don’t want my advice and expertise that comes along with it.

And in the same breath, I just learn that its best that I keep my mouth shut. And allow you to do your shit yourself – I got this. If I want to do something, I have my mind set on, I can find resources, I’m gonna make away out of noway. I have my shit together. With the exception of just tryna find a job. (to finance my dreams)But even that doesn’t make someone happy you know? Sometimes it’s a detour to destiny. I get that.


One. Ever.

Said. It.                                           large-4

Was. Ever.

Gonna Be.


But giving up instead of trying harder – that’s what I don’t get.

Like – yesterday, I witness my sister’s husband getting his car repossessed and in that moment. It reconfirmed what I already knew.

Why do us as women stay in things that hinders our growth in it’s entirety? Women are built for the struggle, pain, hurt, survival but men – I’m still trying to figure that part out. “A wise man once told me, you should have to destiny, and purpose on your life to spend your entire life struggling- you just have to figure out how to unlock it.”

You shouldn’t have to play the cat and mouse game when it comes to your car – especially when it’s something you worked so hard for and invested so much money in. To me it chalks up to responsibility, how you stop being responsible, started being lazy and got your priorities screwed up.

I don’t get it. And then I get that a lot of things aren’t meant for me to understand.

So what are you doing that Stunts your growth? Are you hanging around people, places or entertaining things that are stunting your growth?

Peace and Love

  • xo stay beautiful ❤ 


(I know my thoughts sound a little scattered in this piece – my mind is everywhere, as my grandma said better out than in – right? lol)


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