So Here’s The Funny Thing About National Best friends Day

So here’s the funny thing about National Best friend’s Day. I recently broke up with one of my best friends for over 15 years a guy. Whom I’ve known since the start of my freshmen years of high school.

Why I ended our friendship – because for a long period of time I felt as if our friendship became a one way street. I was the one negotiating our schedule for meet-ups or hangouts or just reaching out for a phone conversation.

How I knew It was time to end our friendship – Every time I would call him I would l feel like I was being worrisome. I’ve never talked with anyone who makes me feel like it’s such a burden to be spoken with – and no matter the relationship you shouldn’t have to feel like that.

It’s been three months since we’ve spoken and I’m happy to say that I don’t miss the dynamic – but people do come in your life for reasons, seasons or lifetimes to teach you lessons. You just have to have discernment to know which is which.



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