I Know, I Know… It’s Like I Left You Hanging….

I know, I know it’s like I left you hanging but in reality I stepped away to do some self searching and to make sure I had all my ducks in a row. ¬†When it came to my business, It was a lot I was doing so I had to give something up.

And I chose to give up blogging for a week or so, and I really missed you guys.


A Candid Moment: Sometimes things don’t always go as planned.

Admittedly, as much as I don’t like this picture, as much as I want to give up sometimes.

At the end of the day, you still have to believe in yourself and remember why you started, practice consistency, be patient with yourself, believe in your dream, and cheer yourself on when nobody else sees your vision like you do. I started this company with a vision and purpose. And I’m determined not to give up until it’s fulfilled.

– TKaye
Stay Beautiful

I’m Just Mind Blown Right Now.. Here’s Why.

YIMG_9726ou know, I never thought I could be in two places at once until now. Anything is possible. I’m mind blown. ūüė≤ūüôĆūüŹĺ‚ú®

Sometimes all it takes is being consistent, being diligent in your craft, and persistency and the willingness to make your dream work when nobody else shows up for you. You have to still believe in yourself when nobody else does. Still push through when they tell you can’t do it. When all else fails still BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

people are giving the gift of thanks and it’s amazing!

– XO
Stay beautiful
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I’m Not Your Superwoman, I’m Not The Kind of Girl That You Can Let Down….

And think that everything is okay – I am only human. I don’t know what it is about me being in relationship with someone else, but for most of my life – I‘ve felt invisible. Like I’ve never¬†felt like that girl that everybody wanted – but I have always been a wing woman to those girls.

Like I never felt the need to vie for attention from a man because I grew up with a family full of boys being one of the only girls. (mainly, because I got a lot of attention growing up) So, I never knew how much attention girls wanted, desired and yearned for until I got to college. It was then when I was like what am I missing?

“What Am I ¬†Missing?”

Aside from the fact of their always being someone more prettier, more voluptuous, more hair, better teeth and more willing to do all the things I wasn’t willing to do because I have moral and expectations of myself. As for me the hardest part is letting go.

Letting go of the past, and living the present cause I know I can’t rewrite my past or do things differently.

So in the midst of writing this post РI took a break, I  and went to bible study, (more-so because I hit writers block) and

Let Me Tell You.

The guest pastor was driving right up my alley. He preached on not living in your destiny, and letting your ego getting the best of you and staying in a situation when you know it’s expired.

Here are some powerful take aways

Don’t mourn over what has expired

expired = meaning being in relationship / situationship with a person, place or things

Don’t keep rehearsing / replaying things in your mind that has long expired

(the would’ve, could’ve should’ve¬†scenarios)

Don’t let your destiny be put on hold because you don’t realize it’s time to move on.

Don’t allow yourself to be stagnant because you have expectations that won’t yield any returns.

That their are somethings in your life that has long expired and your ego is keeping you in it. (know when it’s time to put your ego aside and swallow your pride.)

( Sidenote : I hope my transparency is helping you heal like it’s helping me:)¬†

Stay Beautiful 



Here’s Some Good Music For Your Soul.

I love music and I love music that makes me just say “ooohhh that’s my jam” and hit that good ole two step that my great aunt grace hits at the family reunion every year. lol

my goodness I love her to pieces. 

stay beautiful

today’s music is brought to you by PJ Morton from his Gumbo Album.



I Don’t Know About You – But I Often Wonder How I’m Gonna Meet My Soulmate.

So, Do You Ever Think About How You’re Going to meet your purpose mate/ helpmate/ Soulmate? Or if you already met them and just didn’t know it was them.

I’m a hopeless romantic and I have all these different scenarios played out in my head of how we’re going to meet from a Beyonc√© & Jay-Z concert to us both traveling abroad with a group of friends.

Whatever it be – I just don’t see it right now. I don’t know if it’s because where I live or I just don’t go out enough. But honestly ya’ll during the winter I’m like a bear I hibernate. I become a homebody, and try to get everything I can accomplish on my vision board that’s a goal.

And my dating life sucks – sooo it’s whatever. And I’m not in a rush to get married, and go be with anyone. I just want security and the feeling of being safe, and wanted. You know?

I think a lot of the times we’re with someone just for instant gratification, and not for long haul, and through it all (the ups + downs).

I recently had a guy tell me he couldn’t see us together long term because I didn’t play video games, dungeon + dragons and didn’t like anime as much as he did.

(gentle reminder: comparing what you want to what others have is very damaging)

So, he intentionally did things to push me away, and I didn’t see it or recognize it at first – but I did eventually. Also, he didn’t want anything serious after about 4 months of dating. I was highly taken aback. So, I removed myself from the situation cause I know my self- worth (and I refuse to settle for anything less than I know I deserve)

This is important to remember:¬†“you can’t give love, if you never been loved. Especially, if you never had an example set before you.”

I know it’s not me (ladies + gents quit blaming yourself for failed relationships,¬†sometimes things just don’t¬†workout because you both are in different places in your life, matured differently both emotionally and mentally, and some people are dealing with turmoil from the way¬†they’ve been raised. )

it’s crazy how some people allow the smallest things to deter you from what you both feel could be potentially real.

But, I guess he could be the best thing I never had. Right? Well, we’ll see¬†

Until next time. 
You guys stay beautiful 

Truth Is – When I’m With My Mom She Can’t Go 5 Minutes Without Speaking To Somebody.

Have you ever been out with somebody and every time you turn around they are speaking to someone in the store, or carrying on a whole entire conversation?¬†Like you ain’t even there. And what’s the worst is that I drove. That was me with my mom two days ago grocery shopping.

We simply went into the supermarket for 5 things – okay maybe 10 and before I even knew it. She had already seen 3 people she knew. “I’m like goodness gracious, this is gonna turn into a long shopping trip. My worst nightmare.

Oh, to top it off. She had me helping people like I worked in the store. Smh! Gotta love your parents man.

(Just give me the keys, and I’ll go sit in the car. lol)

Then it got me to thinking – even through I am a people person, and I do like to chat and talk to people and do a lot of networking and such.

 How do you want to be remembered?

-Stay Beautiful
Happy St. Patty’s Day

Let’s Talk About Consistency. The Truth Is…

The truth is I’ve been having some issues with it this week. I’ve been feeling slightly discouraged because I haven’t raised much money to fund my expansion project of my stationery company. ¬†Out of my total goal I’ve only raised $20. So you start to wonder do people support and believe in your vision? or are you just your biggest supporter at¬†the end of the day?

but I have to remember just because I get discouraged doesn’t give me the right to give up, and we have to continuously push through even when we do’t feel like it.

I’ll leave you with some words I got from a newsletter I received that got me all the way together – that came in the nick of time.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 12.30.55 PM

Credit: Mattie
from a newsletter I recieved in my email

– XO

Stay Beautiful