I Am Changing, Cheers To Growth.

So first things first – Lol, I’ve always wanted to say that. (haha)

back to my post, yesterday evening I received a email from a friend of mine. That was a reminder the new products they have in store (Trinity Hills Grooming). I purchased one in support. Shopping Small, and Local is very important to me as you all know. As I was digging through my shoe bin getting ready for work thinking about how I was gonna craft this post.

I was reminded how a couple of years ago, because I wasn’t being successful doing the things I so passionately loved. I wasn’t being genuinely happy for others around me in all their endeavors. I was secretly envious of them, and being envious of those around you can in return be dangerous cause you will go out of your way to not support them.

It wasn’t until that I started to walk in my purpose, and stopped doing things that “I thought would make me money, or do things that everybody else was being successful at.” I realized the more I became at peace with myself, and figured out who I was it became much more natural to be happy for others and all their achievements because our paths and journeys are different.

So if you find yourself low-key unhappy for those around you but you don’t know why, sometimes it might just take a little soul searching to figure out why. 

Faith without works is dead. You just have to be willing to do the work. Hustle, fall down and get back up a couple times over.

Stay Beautiful

Be On My Team, And Help Me Follow My Dreams

So, you all know that I launched a stationery company, and if you been following me for a while now you’ve heard me talking about it. I’m trying to raise at least $1,200 to add Home Decor & Wall Art to the shop, and support local artist.

The money you donate will go toward branding, packinging, the purchase of a website host/ domain, inventory, materials to keep creating greeting cards such as a paper cutter, laser printer, cardstock and ink. So I can keep creating art.

if you feel it in your heart to donate I’ve attached the link below.


Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 10.13.54 PM


A Little Nightly Inspiration

The other night I mentioned that “you have to allow your gift to make room for you.” Meaning, no matter how hard the journey gets or how frustrated you get along the way. It doesn’t give you the right to give up.

Every time I think about why I started (my stationery line) even though it’s the beginning, and I can honestly say I feel like I’m walking more so in my purpose now, that I have been in any other year of my life.  And I’m much closer to the finish line that I was before I started working so diligently on my dreams.

I’ve also learned that walking in your purpose comes at a cost, cause you have to make some sacrifices along the way. Whether it be taking a pay cut, managing your time better,  stop hanging out so much etc. – all just to do the things you love.

everytime, I talk about doing the things I love. This song pops in my head. 
Stay Beautiful

Have You Ever Been Emotionally Depleted?

My ride home today was a little bit different. Normally, I blast songs and sing along to them to past the time away, but today particularly I believe I had too much time and started to think about things I didn’t want to think about.

I’m currently in studying computer science, and working on launching my stationery store, (which by the way I only sold one item) and I was left alone with my thoughts.


perhaps, it was a somewhat harsh reality I was left with – it caused me to reflect on my current state at where I am at this point in my life.

And I can honestly say, at 27 I sometimes feel like I should be farther along and more established than where I currently am.  I know that I’m not alone as I type this, and as I say this – but at times I feel like I am a failure and all I want to do is make my dad proud.

But how can I do that when the job I work I can barely support myself? Like literally. The job I have barely covers my car payment. Not to mention the other two bills I have.

Ya’ll talking about an emotional breakdown?
I had one today in the car. literally, while driving. Snotting and all.
Better out than in right? At least that’s what my grandma always said.

It’s like how can I pay all my bills on time with most of them still being late on some sort of payment plan (sending out late notices it’s just a lot. – the part that really gets to me is I just don’t want my credit to get jacked up cause I’m going through a rough patch) Le Sigh.

And somehow it all keeps coming back to this that your 20’s is the time to figure it all out, workout the kinks, and realize that everyone’s journey is different. Especially when you look at how old Jay-Z, J.K. Rowling, and Jack Ma was when he first started.

However, one thing I refuse to do is complain because I know my situation could always be worst. 
Things have to get worst before they get better right?
Stay Beautiful
Day 63


How Many Times Have You Been Told No, Just To Get One Yes?

I was watching Beauty and the Beast, and Belle’s father said “It’s alright Philipe – when one door closes another one opens.”   

when I think about how many times I’ve been told no, just to hear one yes. It can be slightly discouraging. But you know it’s all in divine timing. 

Right Place

Right People

Right Time

and you know it wasn’t your time, because if God blessed you with the capacity of that blessing or what you were asking for in that moment you knew you wouldn’t be ready. Cause the size of the blessing.

that’s one reason why I’m steady preparing myself to be better, and always learning. And growing cause it’s no reason to be stagnant when you have we all have so much potential.

– XO
stay beautiful 

Here’s a Moment of Transparency For You.

How do you find encouragement, and the strength to keep being productive even when you don’t have any inspiration?

I know I talk a lot about self-affirming, and uplifting and keep fighting through until you get the job done. But honestly, it’s a hard as shit.

There’s been moments like this week when I didn’t feel like doing anything productive but I KNEW I HAD TOO. SO I DID IT ANYWAY. I had so much to learn, and do what I felt like in so little time – but some how I felt like nothing was getting done or achieved in the matter in which I wanted it too.

This all comes down to one thing. 


stay beautiful

It’s March 1st, and Here’s What I learned during the first two months of the year

What I learned about myself within the first two months of the year,

I learned to say no more. (because it ends up biting you in the butt when you try to help people and they don’t appreciate all you do for them)

be intentional in everything that you do

don’t get side tracked by those who aren’t on tracked.

surround yourself around those who continue to motivate and inspire you.

cut off those to deplete, and constantly drain your energy instead of feeding, believing and nurture your dreams.

relationships (no matter what kind) should be design to constantly grow, and elevate and never stagnant.

that I needed to add more things to my bucket list, and stop neglecting it.

focus more on myself, and my achieving goals I have set for myself and stop putting them on the back burner. Because I know I should be further along than where I am right now.

stay focused.

keep dreaming.

get better at my budget, and don’t over spend.

Keep reminding myself that Beyonce + Bill Gates also has 24 hours in a day — So really What am I doing with my time? Like really though?

I still want to be my own boss, until I can afford to do so, I want to work a job that I love and can pay my all bills. (cause my current job doesn’t do so.)

spend more time in mediation

Steer clear of Chaos, aim for more peace.

stay beautiful 




Chic Happens Right?

Pink and Green Photo May Birthday Instagram Post-3 March 8 is International Women’s Day, and Special Day means Special Prints!

International Women’s Day Prints Available Now On The Site!
It’s some pretty dope prints online to choose from which is the perfect piece of decor that will be sure to add the perfect flair to your workspace. It’ll be sure to motivate you and inspire others.

It’s AWESOME how women can come together collectively to help others achieve their goals, dreams, aspirations we basically could conquer the world if we were to put our minds to it.

Lastly I’ll leave you with this – ‘To the doubters and naysayers and everyone who gave me hell and said I could not, that I would not or I must not – your resistance made me stronger, made me push harder, made me the fighter that I am today. It made me the woman that I am today. So thank you.’ – Madonna 

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Day 59
-stay beautiful