Motivation Monday.

So, It’s monday, and I have rounded up some favorite motivational quotes of mine. And from each Monday on out I’m going to have different sayings and such. Gathered from everywhere, from instagram, tumblr to hearsay. (those are the best right? When you hear someone say it and it’s sounds so right?)

Anyway check them out below. I hope you find some inspiration in them as well.



A Good Investment

If you love to shop then you’re halfway there – shopping and investing goes hand in hand.

Here’s why I say that; I was recently thinking about getting an investor for a project I’m working on. And I came across this article. This is of the greatest articles I’ve read in a while.

Small Business + Start- Ups

A Good Question.

Yesterday, I met two guys randomly at Panera Bread (they were friends) one a Production Assistant in Film & Television and the other a Photographer.

We started to converse after I handed one of the gentleman a napkin with a scripture on it. It made his day. (talking about a conversation starter)

I took away many things from the conversation, but the one thing I really took away from the table was when the photographer looked and asked me “Why don’t you post more of your work? It’s really good.”

So it’s my declaration from this day forward, to post more of my work. And walk more in my purpose.

Stay Beautiful People.


I’m hosting a Fashion Brunch!








I’m hosting a fashion brunch that’s to die for at the end of this month and you guys should definitely come — especially if you’re in the Los Angeles Area 

Get deets on The Event below:

Come and attend The First Tailored Notoriety Brunch of the Year where Sir Marlon DeNon a brand ambassador and Image Consultant comes and discusses importance of Image and Branding.
Some of the topics will include necessary evils of having a Tailored Suit and Why it’s Important to always put your best foot forward in anything you do especially in business. (Cause most men don’t know you should get your suit tailored). Discussing having a tailored image
Discussing your image is your brand “how did you come up with your brand?”

          On a variety of topics from Chivalry to Branding

It’s a chance for you to come to a event to gain some of the knowledge and insight that you he has gained over the years, over food and tea.
Get your tickets here (click on the link below)
I can’t wait to see you there!

Follow Him on Instagram: SirMarlonDenon


Happy New Year Beautiful People

Happy New Year Beautiful People!
May this year being you nothing but much success, peace and joy!



I love a great bucket bag

I love a great bucket bag


Something Everyone Can Relate 2